Port O Bell O West Fashion and Art Market

Last weekend I was able to make it out to the Portobello West Fashion and Art market at the Creekside Community Center at False Creek.  A great venu and set up, it wasn’t too crowded or cluttered or anything like that, there was also free coffee at the Terra Breads grand opening across the street which made me pret-ty damn happy.  There were so, so many super talented folks here, I totally fell under their spell and got lost in a whirlwind of felted cupcakes, pocket knife necklaces, leather feathers and magical plants (i know right?). Everyone I got a chance to chat with was as sweet as pie and I felt like hanging around all day.  Here just a handful of the fine designers and makers I got a chance to meet.

Thank you vendors for being so lovely and letting me take some photos!

Leah Schell and her gorgeous, enchanting illustrations…from cards to prints to books.

Milly was the first gal I met as soon as I got to the market, her display packed a punch of colour and with that smile you couldn’t miss her.  She was selling goodies from Xenson.  All bags, accessories and jewelry are made from recycled paper (made into beads) by women in rural Uganda, and they are absolutely stunning. You can learn more about this work at Xenson Fashion.

Honey Canada and these felted gems.

Cupcake, cacti and cinnamon bun pincushions, not to mention felted EGGS? and more lovely felted food than you could ever imagine.

Jennifer of Hair Lovelies and her fine hairpin display.  Super-adorable.  These babies are so. well. crafted. It’s pretty impressive.

Christi, the designer behind BuenoStyle makes a-mazing jewlery, all vintage finds, repurposed and damn fabulous.  My favorites are the pocketknife necklaces.  Pretty much everything at this table is at the top of my list.  She is also the sweetest gal around.

Ace t-shirts, bibs, crests and other hot ticket items from Inky and Boots (including sexy victorian mermaids and pin-up witches on broomsticks! duh!).

I will for sure be catching the next Portobello West markets, I know there will so much going on for the holidays.  They run the last Sunday of every month, and I’m pretty sure the entire (last) weekends of November and December.

Another sale you should stop by is the make it! market.  It runs Thursday the 24th to Sunday the 27th of November at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive.